Quack is band-aid like wearable paired with an app. Whenever it detects a decrease in confidence, it prompts a series of techniques to regain confidence.

A project inspired by a personal pain point; I never think my work or ideas are good enough. Therefore I'm not able to meet my expectations, often feeling like a quack. While this project started from my experience, through research, I was able to confirm how universal this feeling is, especially among creatives (Also known as the impostor syndrome). 

Product design | Interaction design | Experience design | App design 

The wearable changes color every time it detects your PH and stress hormones shift, communicating with the app to help boost your confidence or just smash your inner critic.
Lately, impostor syndrome seems to be everywhere, yet there are very few materials to help improve the way we perceive our work and how we judge it. A key finding was an understanding of comparison. We rarely feel empowered by it, however, if you get to see your heroes' vulnerabilities and failures, you allow yourself a bigger room for error, taking some of the self-imposed pressure off. 
On a similar note learning how to embrace negative traits like pride and pretentiousness can help build a better self-image.
Learning to discern between opinions and facts also helps make an objective judgment of yourself acknowledging that you have had accomplishments before, and it's not just luck. Building a brag folder with all your accomplishments is a great way to separate how you feel from what actually earned.
Humor is another technique to take yourself less seriously and allow fun and laughter instead of unattainable perfection. The app offers the option of following these techniques or just blow out steam by playing to quiet once and for all your inner critic!


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