Convida gardening kit is a system that helps seniors become active members of their community by making them providers and creating social bonds.

When seniors enter the program, they are given the gardening kit, as well as, the support to develop the skills needed to cultivate seeds. Keeping them active and engage with other members. Once their vegetables are ready, they can trade with other members and help out their families by providing food. This helps the local economy and empowers them by giving back their sense of independence and purpose.

Design for social impact | Design research | Product design | Systems design | Service design 

In collaboration with Liliana Escobedo, Lorena Castellanos, Priscila Varela & Julio Rosique

The project took place in Santa Catarina, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Queretaro, Mexico, as one of the first areas in town almost everyone living there is a senior. Santa Catarina is also one of the most illiterate and segregated zones, making it difficult for elders to get the attention and care they need. Many of them are abandoned, isolated and feel extremely disconnected from their families, often believing they are a burden.

After several visits and interviews with residents, we learned that they like to show their identities through their house decoration. Some had religious symbols, soccer team logos, or other symbols that showed who they are and what they value. 
Another essential finding was that most did not felt comfortable with any technological device besides the radio, and even that wasn't particularly exciting to them. However, most of them talked about being delighted by either seeing plants around the neighborhood or gardening.
Each senior gets assigned a vegetable and corresponding ID. Once they are ready to cultivate they can trade with other seniors to get more variety. Convida works as a support system where they get gardening skills, keep themselves active and build a community to help each other out. The ID badge shows they are providers of their community which helps boost their self-esteem and gives them a goal. 

Encapsulated seeds, seed dispenser, biodegradable plant pots, pot holder, gardening identification badge, utensil for watering plants and access to support and trading group.
Identification badge, its placed outside the house to let your neighbors know which vegetable you are growing, making it easier to trade. The badge builds on the insight that they show identity through their porch decoration.​​​​​​​
Primary research & user testing in Santa Catarina, Queretaro, Mexico. After developing our prototypes, we went back to users to get feedback.


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