Convergencies was designed to reunite people around the table, whether it is to read, drink or share ideas.
The table seeks to spark collaboration and connection by creating a space where ideas can converge, just as lines approaching the same point.

Cut by CNC router, no adhesive or screws needed to assemble.
Designed as part of the Vertical Workshop 2013, organized by the School of Design and Architecture of Monterrey's Institute of Technology in collaboration with Masisa (Wood board producer). 

The goal was to create a piece of furniture utilizing Masisa´s boards, cut by CNC router without using any hardware to assemble.
In collaboration with: Rodrigo González, Raffaella Salvestroni, Alejandra Peréz, Nadia Rodríguez, Adriana Mendoza, Agueda Ceballos, Denisse Loa, José Luis Soto and Gabriela Quiroga.


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